I have an effect.

I will rile up, pull under your skin. Make your teeth chatter and your bones feel out of place.

I have every ounce of rage, audacity and down-right awfulness that I've carried in the past.

And I wouldn't take back a single second. You deserve what is coming to you. You are a foul human being.
I only wish the cancer (that you faked) got to you before I did.
Don't worry.

Your reputation will be as bruised as your ego.


I baked and baked and baked little hearts filled with raspberries, and oh god, does it make me happy. I don't need anything else involving Valentine's Day. I tried getting tickets to the Monster Truck ralley for it, but god damn, they are way too expensive. 71 dollars, I do NOT think so- WHERE ARE MY 10 DOLLAR SEATS?

My shoot got postponed till next week for my grant park shoot and I am pissed as hell, but whatever, today was beautiful and Jon teacher man let me fuck around with a bolex. It was nice.